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Who we are?

Who is World from Sleeping Bag?


Welcome to our travel blog World from Sleeping Bag, it`s good to see you here :)


We are Julia and Lubos, travel enthusiasts from Slovakia from small town Brezno located underneath the Low Tatras Mountains. We love to travel (obviously), we love to get to know how people live in different countries and get to know their culture, and most of all we love to taste new flavors and smells of the world. Our second common biggest passion is hiking and therefore almost all our travels involve spending time in nature, taking more-days hikes. However, we do not avoid visiting cities rather opposite, we love going to local markets and trying all local specialties.


We`ve moved to Prague, the Czech Republic in 2016 where we have normal office jobs, sitting there 9-5.  We spend the majority of our saved money on traveling and experiences, we don`t even own any property. We were traveling quite a lot even before we knew each other but since we are together it is even more intense. Having a full-time job means we have to squeeze all our travels into 20 days of holiday a year plus some prolonged weekends, except one time. In 2019 we decided to pursue our craziest dream ..... to travel around the world ..... and become full-time travelers at least for a year. Our world travels have work name Big Trip 2019 and we were saving money for it almost 1,5 years, we even sold our car to be able to fulfill this big dream. At the same time, approximately for a year, we were working on detailed itineraries, searching cheap flights, accommodation and rental cars. We have visited 16 countries on 4 continents during Big Trip, and many more before Big Trip :)

Based on our travel experience we decided to start this blog where we want to inspire you to travel, to share our itineraries and budgets, to write down all tips, advice, and experience that we have gained during all our trips. Mostly, we want to show you that individual traveling is so much fun, gives you freedom, opens you up to new knowledge and is much cheaper than you think.  Even faraway countries and exotic countries might cost you like a holiday somewhere in Europe (depends from where you read our blog :)) if you know how to do it. And we hope this blog shows you exactly "how to do it". Moreover, we would like to motivate you to visit various countries through our travel videos as well as bring you closer to the country vibe through local food must-tastes or even inspiration to prepare some exotic dishes at home with super easy recipes. All of this you find in World from Sleeping bag menu: blogs, videos, world tastes.

Why World from Sleeping Bag name?

Because this name represents the style of 3/4 of our travels - in a tent sleeping in sleeping bags. We can assure you, you are not going to be fed-up by luxury room tours on our social media platforms that nobody can afford. We can say we prefer the most low-cost way of traveling as there can be and the most exciting at the same time, and that is camping. We have all camping equipment needed so we cook ourselves often without a kitchen, we bath under our own solar shower and we often sleep in a million-star hotel (as cheesy as it might sounds, it`s true!). This does not necessarily applies on mountains only but in cities as well if we are able to find some safe city camp. Countries where we were camping, are for instance Norway, Italy, Slovenia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, Peru, Chile, etc. 

Of course, there are countries we have visited where camping is not really possible (most of the Asian countries). In those cases, we usually stay in hostels, Airbnb, or guest houses. We are trying to save money on flight tickets and accommodation and spend it rather on the experience. That`s why we can give you a tip for a holiday in the Maldives that will cost you like a holiday anywhere in Greece. 

Julia p

In my professional career, I am a Financial Analyst but I always dreamed about being a Travel Guide. I actually was one in Greece during my university studies and those summers were the best when I was younger. If this job would be paid better I would probably be doing it till now :) I think I had the spirit of an explorer already in my childhood. When I was little, I used to sit in front of the TV almost not breathing every time there was some travel documentary. What I love the most about traveling now is when we get a chance to visit some unknown places in the country where we can see the normal lives of locals, their traditions and taste their food. I also love mountain views and that feeling of overcoming myself when we reach the summit. Please don`t ask me which country I like the most because I can`t name just one. There is always something nice or interesting about every country I have been to. If I must say at least an area then the most interesting for me are different cultures compared to Europeans, that`s why I like Asian countries, Polynesian islands, and South America. Besides travelling itself, I like the preparation phase for the trip as well because when I do the research of places where we wanna go I got excited even more :)

You have definitely noticed that I am on the majority of our photos, for a simple reason, Lubos doesn`t like to take pictures :) And he is constantly annoyed of me trying to set up various compositions :) so getting him in front of the camera is almost impossible and most of the time I stop trying to convince him :)

I am the founder of this website and I consider it as being your online guide to the destinations we have been. I am responsible for website design, blog content, selection of photos and their edits, and basically I try to ensure that everything works here. I am also the one who creates the content and edits pictures on our social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Lubos p

Not only that Julia forces me to take pictures she also pushed me to write this text to introduce myself. There is nothing interesting about me, I am just normal IT guy who plays video games, likes to hike interesting and challenging world treks and loves travelling in general. Everyday, besides reading news for 30 minutes in the morning, usually I spend the same time on searching flight deals. I would say I am the main planner of our trips because I am literally organizational freak. My detailed trip plans include the whole logistic around transportation, luggage storage, car rentals and toilet time and bed time. Seriously, no time to waste! In terms of things to see itineraries we split the research between us (but of course I double check the logistics).

What I love the most about travelling is to see the uniqueness of nature in different parts of the world. I am more into national parks than cities but I am not avoiding city vibe completely because I am also a foodie. My favorite parts of the world are New Zealand, Canada, Alaska and Iceland. In this whole World from Sleeping Bag thing I am the one who cuts the footage from our trips into some viewable travel video and I am trying not to loose all my hair while doing so.

See you soon on a trip :P



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Countless pictures taker aka World from Sleeping bag photographer and editor. Always on diet. Social media content creator. 


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