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Coffee please ! ... 5 best coffee places in Prague

"Coffee addicted" says my bio on Instagram. I mean it, Lubos and I, we share love for coffee and we cannot live without it. And what we adore even more is chilling in coffee shops enjoying a really good coffee.

Luckily, Prague offers tons of good places where you can get your caffeine fix together with amazing breakfast deals or lunch yammies so it is pretty hard to choose just 5 of them as recommended ones but here are our personal tops.

1. Cafe Terapie

Address: Na Hrobci 432/3, Praha 2; CASH ONLY !

Web site: http://www.cafeterapie.cz/#!/home

Cafe Terapie is a cute little coffee place located near Vltava river waterfront known by the locals as "Naplavka". It is Mediterranean/Italian style bistro that servers (apart from great coffee) delicious mix of fast snacks (panini, salads), lunch/dinner pasta specialties and quick fix for vegetarians too. In addition, during the week they offer daily menu and during weekends breakfast deals for very affordable price. Our personal favorite breakfast combo is egg omelette filled with goat cheese, cappuccino and pear juice :) You can get all of this for 159 Kc ~ 6 Eur.

Pro Tip: Check Naplavka Farmer`s market on Saturday morning (8am-1pm), feed swans there and then have a deserved cup in Cafe Terapie. Read more about Naplavka in Fun things to do in Prague during summer post.

2. Kafe Karlin

Address: Sokolovská 46/51, Praha 8

Web site: https://www.kafekarlin.cz/#

These guys started with conception of some kind of "coffee stall behind the corner" where you grab a "morning coffee" on your way to work. Their opening hours also copies usual office hours Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:30pm and there is actually no place to sit and chill, just 2 small bar tables and 2 chairs for each. But let me tell you, that coffee is worth your effort just to go there and grab one take away. You will taste coffee beans of highest quality and can try coffee specialties based on various types of roasting and grinding. The co-founder of Kafe Karlin is the country winner of several coffee competitions like Latte Art, Cup Tasting, Barista of the Year who is now judging other baristas in those categories. It is obvious that Latte Art is one of the biggest pro`s for deciding to pay a visit to this place.

Source: Facebook Kafe Karlin

Good news is that now you can find Kafe Karlin also on Farmer`s market every Saturday on "Naplavka", Jiriho z Podebrad and Dejvicka (both metro line A) in actual stall :)

Pro Tip: What earns Kafe Karlin additional points is their eco-thinking. They are one of the partners involved in Czech version of reusable cups initiatives called "Swap the cup" / Otoč kelímek. Initiative contributes to lower waste production by building a system of reversible cups. You borrow a cup, enjoy take away coffee and then you can give the cup back at any other coffee place that partners within this system. Easy, eco-friendly and sustainable :)

3. Cafe Lounge

Address: Plaská 615/8, Praha 5

Web site: https://www.restu.cz/cafe-lounge/

Update December 2019 - under reconstruction at the moment

On our first breakfast visit in Cafe Lounge we fell in love with nut taste of their coffee and soft creamy pear taste of their french toasts. Heaven in your mouth.

It is not only cafeteria but restaurant led by profi chef as well, which makes this place great option for gastronomy experience. Yes, it is little bit on expensive site however, in this case price equals quality. Don`t know what else to say, just bring money and they will take care of the rest. Reservation essential.

4. Emma Espresso Bar

Address: Na Florenci 3, Praha 1 

Web site: https://www.emaespressobar.cz/

This hipsterish cafeteria is conveniently located close to Masarykovo train station and the main Bus station. Interior arrangement is modern hipster style and personally, I like the most old-school (literally) chairs that reminds me my time at school-desk. This place is mainly visited by youngsters but we like the atmosphere here. There are benches outside the shop window to sit on too which is quite cool on warmer days (for some during winter as well). Ema has become quite popular spot so expect queues especially over the weekend.

5. Muj Salek Kavy

Address: Křižíkova 105, Praha 8

Web site: http://www.mujsalekkavy.cz/

Muj Salek Kavy in English means My cup of coffee. Those of you who are bored with classic espresso or cappuccino looking for other caffeine experiments this place is exactly for you. You can taste various mix of selected beans in one cup or coffee cocktails with interesting combinations. If you are indecisive as I usually am, there is an option of tasting samples too. Besides coffee specialties Muj Salek Kavy is also specialist in unusual food combination resulting in great flavor experience. Try something from breakfast or daily menu. Here also reservation is essential.

I hope you got tempted to visit one of these special places once you are in Prague and will let us know about your experience in comments below.

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